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A range of ant merchandise is now available from our friends at CafePress.com. The stock is dispatched from the US and the prices are shown in US Dollars, but shipping to the UK is fast and costs only £4 for a T-Shirt or Coffee Mug.

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Visit the AntBlog Online Apparel Shop, but don't forget, Coffee Mugs and T-Shirts are free to our bloggers and contributors courtesy of AntBlog!

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Lasius sp. worker emerges from pupa and interacts with L. niger queen

Lasius flavus aletes, workers and brood

Myrmica sp. moving brood

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L. flavus female alate Lasius niger queen on Pear (1)

Lasius flavus nest Lasius niger queen on Pear (2)

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Leaf cutters at the Natural History Museum

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