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What's the difference between an ant and a termite?
Despite sharing some characteristics and having superficially similar apperance and so...

How many ants are there?
To count the ants in the world is a practical challenge indeed. But, it is safe to say...

Deborah M. Gordon
Deborah Gordon is an entomologist at Stanford University, she received a PhD in zoolog...

Leafcutter Ants
Leafcutter is the common name given to 39 species of Central and South American fungus...

Harpegnathos saltator - Jerdon's jumping ant
Harpegnathos saltator is a species of ant found across the Indian subcontinent and is ...

Myrmica ruginodis
Myrmica ruginodis has an ovipositor which is modified into a functional sting. Ruginod...

Myrmica rubra, the Common Red Ant
The Common Red Ant (Myrmica rubra) ranges throughout Europe as well as Japan and North...

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