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Adventures Among Ants - The website of scientist and explorer Mark Moffett, the "Indiana Jones of Entomology".

D.G. Phelps Myrmecology - Daniel Phelps' take on the world of Myrmecology

Myrmecos.net - The blog of Entomologist Alex Wild.

Stories of Ants (Spanish) -

Wild About Ants -

Other Invertebrates

Bees In Art - The World's first gallery devoted to bees.

Biodiversity In Focus -

Bug Girl's Blog - The one and only Bug_girl. She's a professor, a forensic consultant and webmaster of this fantastic WordPress website.

Circus of the Spineless - A monthly celebration of Insects, Arachnids and most anything else that wiggles, crawls or flutters.

DragonFlyWoman - Guides on collecting insects, a list of Entomological tools you should never leave home without and maps plotting Dragonfly swam distribution.

Honeybeesuite.com - A blog-based site looking primarily at Honey Bees.

Life On Six Legs - The WordPress website of photographer Chris Wirth. Superb images and insightful commentry.

Ptygmatics -

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Do ants bleed? Ant circulatory system
Ant blood is a colourless liquid. It is circulated through the body by the contraction...

A formicarium is a purposefuly designed enclosure used to contain and study ants. The...

The term eusocial was introduced in 1966 by Entomologist Suzanne Batra and subsequentl...

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We're a community of ant enthusiasts who've been online since August 2008. Richard is ...

Keeping ants in captivity
Keeping and studying ants can be a rewarding experience. Wether you're interested in b...

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