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What is AntBlog?

We're a community of ant enthusiasts who've been online since August 2008. Richard is the primary contributor, but he's always looking for people to get involved to help expand the resource.

What is Myrmecology?

Entomology is the scientific study of insects and the branch which deals specificaly with the study of ants is known as Myrmecology. Mankind has long been interested in ants, but perhaps the earliest scientific thinking was that of Auguste Forel, a Swiss psychologist who was initially interested in ideas of instinct, learning and society.

The term "Myrmecology" was coined later still by William Morton Wheeler in the publication Science in 1902.

Why ants?

Ants continue to be a model of choice for the study of questions on the evolution of social systems because of their complex and varied forms of eusociality. Their diversity and prominence in ecosystems has also made them important components in the study of biodiversity and conservation.

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AntBlog is a database driven site and the individual pages are created dynamically. This is great, because it means that we can offer you a variety of methods to access our content.

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About Us

AntBlog is a budding community of ant enthusiasts. We study ants and track ants in the news.... more


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About us
We're a community of ant enthusiasts who've been online since August 2008. Richard is ...

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